Outlaws is conquering the European eSports scene

Thu 16th Mar 2017 - 2:11pm : General

For less than a year, the Bulgarian CS:GO team Outlaws succeeded in winning international tournaments and ranked in the top 40 professional teams in the world. The team has participated in 10 international competitions and won 4 first places in a row. Among the most prestigious awards comes the first-place cup from ESL Southeast Europe Championship (SEC) – a tournament for Eastern European teams, which took place in Serbia at the end of 2016. The team has won with 16:0 against the Greek team Netland.  

The bitcoin powered team Outlaws is presented by 5 players: Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev, Teodor “Spellan))” Nikolov, Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov, Preslav “acl” Pavlov and Petar “Partodis” Cholakov leaded by their manager Lachezar Lazarov. During a tournament in Bulgaria called Game Evolution, the boys were noticed by UltraPlay, leading Bulgarian company providing software products for eSports betting and bitcoin solutions, which decided to create the team Outlaws. The players fulfilled the company’s expectation with the awards winnings for a short period of time. They receive invitations or qualify for international tournaments and already participated in competitions held in Helsinki, Belgrad, London, as in Bulgaria they participate in every big CS:GO tournament and traditionally are ranked in the top 3 places.  

“Our goal is to be part of the most prestigious global tournaments, so-called majors, which are held four times a year and are watched by millions of eSports fans worldwide and prize pools are huge. Our participation in these tournaments will instantly climb us into top 30 of the best teams in the world", says team manager Lachezar Lazarov.

To qualify and win CS:GO tournaments, boys train eight hours on average every day, play alone or together against international teams which they meet during the competitions.

Outlaws recently participated in Let’s Play Spring tournament, which was held in Sofia, Bulgaria and is traditionally organized by one of the leading online TV channels for gaming news and events - Gplaytv. Outlaws managed to qualify in the finals among 30 other teams.

On international level, Outlaws is preparing for the upcoming qualification for the final of the so-called Legend Series, which will take place this month. Finalists will compete in Hamburg in April and the prize fund amounts is €6,000.

Interest in e-sports is constantly growing. In the past year over 4000 eSports tournaments have taken place, this year their number is expected to grow to 5500. There is an estimated core audience of 131 million eSports fans and a further 125 million occasional viewers who tune into the big international events. Due to the large audience that follows or is involved in eSports competitions, many well-known companies become advertisers or sponsors of startups in the industry.



Lachezar Lazarov

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  • Thu 16th Mar 2017 - 3:09pm

    Good job guys :) Keep going

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