UltraPlay discontinues investment in CS:GO team Outlaws

Tue 29th Aug 2017 - 4:25pm : General : Gaming

With the recent events happening to CS:GO team Outlaws, UltraPlay has decided to end investment in the team and release the players to seek their opportunities as free agents. UltraPlay’s Outlaws Academy will continue developing the eSports scene with the existence and normal functioning of fair and consistent conditions on which investors and players can be protected.

UltraPlay has recently addressed the relevant bodies and organizations to join the open discussion and try to enforce the process of establishing clear system and procedures that protect the rights of all parties involved in the eSports ecosystem, which would definitely work for the sustainability of a sector as a whole.

“Following our mission to enrich the eSports ecosystem in Central and Eastern European region, we have invested a lot in our eSports Academy as supporting the CS:GO team Outlaws. We are proud with our achievements and the CS:GO talents we have supported to improve and find their way on the professional CS:GO scene. Now, we look for better opportunities for our eSports Academy and have plans to further develop our eSports brand Outlaws”, said Lachezar Lazarov, Manager of Outlaws.



Lyubomira Petrova

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