News are the SEC Season 4 Counter-Strike Champions!

Wed 28th Dec 2016 - 3:58pm : Gaming

Yesterday the SEC CS:GO Finals took place during GAMES.CON in Belgrade Fair. The event managed to gather hundreds of spectators on site and thousands online. The competition between the teams was fierce and a lot was on the line, however, only 1 team could walk away with the title and the lion’s share of the €3,500 prize pool. succesfully accomplished that, with maybe the most impressive CS:GO performance in all of SEC’s history. Read below for the details.

The day began with the first semifinal between the #1 seeded NetlanD Gaming and the WildCard Qualifier winner Brewtopia Esports. The first map (Mirage) started with an 8-0 lead for the Serbian squad. However, at 11:2 score for them, they lost 11 rounds in a row, ultimately losing the map 12:16. The second map (Overpass) was up and down until the end, when Marios ”feelix” Peqini pulled out an amazing 1v3 clutch, winning the map and the match for NetlanD Gaming.

Semifinal result: Netland Gaming def. Brewtopia Esports (16:12 Mirage, 16:14 Overpass)

The second semifinal was not less exciting. The #2 seeded Nexus Gaming and #3 seeded fought their hearts out in a three-map thriller. It all started on Outlaws’ pick (Cobblestone), which the Bulgarians won comfortably with 16:8. On Nexus’ pick (Mirage), however, things were the other way around - the Romanian squad obliterated their opponents with a quick 16:2 win. The decider map was non other than Nuke. It was the closest map of the three, but, in the end, winning some key clutch situations brought the 16:12 win and an overall 2:1 victory to

Semifinal result: def. Nexus Gaming (16:8 Cobblestone, 2:16 Mirage, 16:12 Nuke)

Thus the two Grand Finalists were decided, but before we go further into the Grand Final, let’s take a look at the 3rd place decider match between Brewtopia and Nexus. The Serbians won easily their pick (Cobblestone) 16:2, with big contribution by Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic who scored 22 kills in 18 rounds. The second map (Cache) went into overtime, where Brewtopia managed to win 19:17 and with an overall 2:0 victory took the 3rd place.

3rd place decider result: Brewtopia Esports def. Nexus Gaming (16:2 Cobblestone, 19:17 Cache)

So, we come to the Grand Final. NetlanD Gaming faced for the title of Champions and the €2,000 Grand Prize. Surprisingly enough, the match was completely one-sided. Outlaws absolutely destroyed NetlanD, winning 16:3 on Train and 16:0 on Overpass, thus becoming the SEC Season 4 Counter-Strike Champions! The MVP award went to Cvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov. Congratulations to the winners!

Grand Final result: def. NetlanD Gaming (16:3 Train, 16:0 Overpass)



Maja Gazq

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